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About StructX

Everything Structural

StructX was created in an effort to provide a comprehensive and freely accessible resource for the structural engineering community - "Good engineers don't need to remember every formula; they just need to know where they can find them". Fundamentally, StructX is an ever adapting source of formulas, data, properties and techniques commonly adopted by structural engineers worldwide.

The information provided throughout this website has been created based on existing theories or adapted from well-established resources both online and offline. Most of the information provided by StructX is already available on the web free of charge with the only difference being that StructX brings all this information together into one handy resource. References have been provided wherever possible to allow the user to attain additional information or to confirm authenticity, originality and/or accuracy of the material provided.

Although invaluable to the university or college student, this website is not intended to be a textbook type learning aid and the information is not necessarily prescriptive. Instead, StructX should be thought of as a collection of refreshers shown in summary form to give anyone involved in design, evaluation, construction, investigation or repair a nudge in the right direction.

Despite our best endeavours, there may be some errors and omissions. StructX is interested in receiving any comments, corrections or suggestions on the content of this website via or alternatively through the contact form provided. StructX is always on the lookout for more equations, formulas and methods for everything structural and will update the website regularly.