StructX Issue 1 & Excel Design Collection

StructX Issue 1: Engineering Formulas and Design Guide Resource

The number 1 resource for statics in Beams, Frames and Arches.

The first issue in a series of pocket resources offering a single compilation of all the essential information and formulas relating to engineering statics for beams, arches and frames.

This compact yet comprehensive one stop resource is invaluable to the engineering student or anyone involved in design, evaluation, construction, investigation or repair work and provides concise and accurate information to get results with minimum time, effort and cost.

Over 700 formulas and equations have been provided along with brief introductions explaining applications as well as the assumptions and limitations which govern them. Over 90 different commonly encountered arrangements are provided with their respective load diagrams.

StructX Beam Design Spreadsheets for Excel

For a limited time the current StructX beam design excel spreadsheet collection is available as one simple download.

Over 40 excel spreadsheets to help with the design, evaluation and investigation of numersous beam loading conditions. A must have in the engineering toolkit. Spreadsheets align with content outlined in Issue 1.

Issue 1 PDF Issue 1 + Spreadsheets Spreadsheets Only
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